Drink Recipes using fresh produce

Dena’s Limoncello

• 7 lemons 
• 1 liter Alcohol* (pure grain-Everclear or high quality vodka) 
• 2lbs white sugar 
• 1 liter water (4cups) 
1) Wash the lemons thoroughly - scrub them clean of all residues. 
2) Using a zester or peeler, take off the skins being careful not to get any of the white lemon “pith” into your peelings or it will add bitterness to your limoncello. 
3) Place zest or peel into a large glass bottle or jar. Pour in Alcohol. Seal tightly. Put date on bottle 
Let infuse for one week in a cool, dry place, turning 1 -2 times a day. You’ll notice the color of the liquid changing to yellow and the color of the lemon peels fading 

1) After one week, dissolve sugar and water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil. Allow syrup to cool to room temperature. 
2) Strain the lemon peels out of the alcohol. Stir alcohol mixture into syrup. 
3) Using a funnel, pour mixture into glass bottles, and seal each bottle tightly with a cork. 
4) Let mixture age for 10 days at room temperature. 
Place bottled liqueur into the freezer for storage. When icy cold, serve in chilled vodka glasses or shot glasses. 

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